Sales Email Sequence

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Successful experts agree…email marketing is still the #1 most effective tool for sales.


Writing an email can be one of the most frustrating things in business. 


You have to craft an exciting subject line, engaging body and an efficient call to action


Then you need to shake the ingredients and pour the sales potion straight into your clients’ inbox. 


Sounds hard? No need to worry.


We will help you to achieve the success you deserve, with:


  • High-conversion email:Best formulas to persuade your prospect and get an outrageous conversion rate.
  • Spam-proof:Your message straight into the right box! 
  • Cold Email:Either for B2B or B2C. 

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6 Years experience

Published author

Bachelor in Communication Technology

Specialized in writing marketing and branding content



10+ Years experience

An award-winning television producer and writer

working for networks and companies like NBC, FOX, CNN, A&E, Hasbro



10+ Years experience of copywriting

Every email is 100% custom.

I spent 80% of my time researching, compiling and brainstorming to dig into your audience’s dreams, fears, and desires, then create a VALUABLE product that’s memorable, moving, sharp, sexy, and yes, persuasive.