9 reasons to start with video marketing

9 reasons to start with video marketing

Advantages of video marketing

For various reasons, video has become an essential element within the online marketing strategy because it is a more powerful format and generates more engagement. It is an effective means of communication that relies on the popularity of smartphones, social networks and YouTube for its dissemination. As experts, in addition to offering you a free seo analysis , we tell you about the reasons to do video marketing now.

9 reasons to start with video marketing

  • It is easy to consume . Due to its entertaining nature, we have become accustomed to the simplicity of playing and just watching a video. It requires no effort from the user and captures their attention for longer than reading.

  • Generate clear statistics . In general, 81% of brands have a video on their pages, this content represents 74% of network traffic, 100 million see at least one clip a day and 9 out of 10 see the spots of their favorite brands.

  • It can be shared . Due to its dynamicformat , videos tend to be more shared than other types of content. To generate virality, you must know your audience, give you what you are looking for, and allow them to decide the level of popularity you deserve.

  • Improve SEO . Since they capture the attention of the public, it favors the time spent on your website. When a video is shared, its organic positioning grows and has a 50% more chance of appearing on the first page of Google.

  • Increase engagement . Ideal for storytelling, video is used to convey a message with more resources and in a more creative way. In fact, in 1 min the information contained in 1.8 million words fits.

  • Improve the conversion rate . Video helps 85% of people decide to buy from sites that show it. In addition, it increases the open rate by 5.6% for email marketing and improves conversions by 80% on landing pages.

  • It has a good cost-benefit ratio . You don’t need to invest too much capital for a good video marketing campaign. While the content can be straightforward, the editing needs to be professional and there are multiple tools for this.

  • They are essential in social networks . Videos are an integral part of usage within social networks such as Facebook, SnapChat, and Twitter. With its different functions, editing and compression tools, it is not surprising that more and more users are using them.

  • Competition with TV . There is a tendency to watch less television and more content online. In fact, 42% of people now watch their series or movies online. As they now share the same Prime Time schedule, this has increased the competition between both options.

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