5 WordPress plugins to backup

5 WordPress plugins to backup

Having a website in WordPress is not only about addressing aesthetic issues such as design, template or images. Backing up your website is essential to face possible failures in the service , or third-party attacks, which could compromise the functionality of your site, thereby losing years of effort to achieve excellent results in web positioning . So that this does not happen, we share with you a compilation of the best WordPress plugins to make backup copies provided by this Content Manager (CMS) to make backup copies.

Top 5 plugins to help you make backups

Backups are the best alternative to survive data loss in WordPress , the end result of which is usually the closure of the site. In order to avoid this problem, download and install the following plugins in your WordPress:

1. BackupGuard


It is a practical and easy-to-use alternative, with a single click you can create a backup copy that you can later download to your computer.

However, the free version is a bit limited. You will not be able to make automatic backups or restore them. So it is advisable to purchase the premium version, an investment that your website will thank you for.

2. Xcloner

xcloner backup

It is one of the most used options on websites that work with PHP. Among its main features, it uses open source standards, such as the MySQL formats.

This, in order that the backup copies can be renewed in a wide variety of ways. Which offers you more flexibility and better management of your copies.

3. Duplicator

Duplicator backups for WordPress

It is one of the most complete plugins that you can get in WordPress. This not only allows you to make a backup, but also helps you to clone your web page.

Something convenient in case you intend to migrate from hosting, which will not affect your performance at all. It is a multi-purpose tool.

Of course, like BackupGuard, the free version does not offer the option to restore or automate backups. 

4. UpdraftPlus Backup


This plugin simplifies the process of making backups and their respective restoration. UpdraftPlus Backup backs up to the cloud, like Google Drive, and allows you to restore your data with just one click.

Best of all, the tool offers you the benefit that database and file backups can be scheduled independently. This, in case a failure occurs during charging.

5. Complete Central Backup


This plugin allows you to create immediate and live backups of your entire website in just one click. Which includes all your files, and you can renew whenever you want.

To preserve your SEO positioning, make a backup copy in time and form. Call us at 86-755-29950363

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