importance of marketplace reviews

Marketplaces: how to get more reviews?

The marketplaces like Amazon allow customers to leave reviews of the sellers with whom they have ordered. These ratings directly impact your reputation and your referencing on these platforms. Having positive reviews is essential to ensure the visibility of your products and in still confidence in future buyers. Find out how to improve the SEO of your products with ratings and how to get more reviews.

The importance of marketplace reviews

A product that is well referenced on a marketplace appears in the first results when a user performs a search. It is thus more visible and therefore likely to be purchased. As with search engines, the first items displayed generate the most clicks. Their positioning is determined by an algorithm that takes several elements into account, including:

  • The match between the request entered by the user and the article.
  • The elements integrated into the product sheet : title, description, visuals, keywords …
  • The price : products with attractive prices are better classified.
  • The availability .
  • The performance sales: the more a product is sold, the better it is referenced.
  • The customer reviews : Each marketplace has its own algorithm, but each of them takes into account the customer satisfaction rating for classifying products in search results.

Buyers’ ratings may be for:

  • The product: it is generally rated from 1 to 5 stars. Customers have the option of adding a comment to describe their experience.
  • The seller : the rating criteria may vary from one marketplace to another. For example, on Amazon, the buyer gives an overall satisfaction rating for the order. 

A product with many positive reviews will rank better. He will then get more sales, which will also help to improve his visibility. The same goes for the seller. Several companies are likely to sell the same product or have a similar offer. Users then choose based on price, delivery conditions and the rating given by buyers.

Note that sellers can also pay for their products to stand out in the first results: they appear with the mention “sponsored product” . We then speak of paid referencing (SEA) . This technique is very effective in boosting sales, but it works better if your products and seller page have positive reviews. You must therefore take care of your e-reputation

How to get more reviews on marketplaces?

To get more reviews , you need to improve your SEO. Your products will be more easily found and therefore purchased. You will naturally get more reviews. To optimize your presence on marketplaces, take care of the presentation of your products: inspiring images, demonstration video, effective titles, interesting and informative descriptions, presence of relevant keywords … Your product pages on a marketplace must be treated with the same care as that given to your website and all your sales channels.

Amazon offers you different options to work on your brand image and your visibility on the platform. For example, you can use Amazon Ads (sponsored products) or create an Amazon Store space (a personalized store available directly on the site). The platform has also set up the Amazon Vine (Testers Club): this program consists of sending your products free of charge to reliable clients of the platform. In return, they will have to give their opinion on the article received.

Your evaluation is a direct reflection of the quality of your services. To ensure you get positive ratings, you need to deliver the best shopping experience :

  • Take care of your services: fast shipping, express delivery, careful parcel, customer service available … All these elements improve the customer experience and encourage buyers to give you a positive evaluation.
  • Be precise and transparent in describing the product and your services. If the product received does not correspond to the one presented, or your services do not live up to your promises, you will get negative ratings (and complaints).
  • Be responsive: When a customer has a problem with their order or product, give them a satisfactory response. If a solution is found quickly, he will usually take it into account in his scoring.

When the order is recorded as delivered, marketplaces usually send a follow-up email to buyers. They are then encouraged to note the products received and the sellers concerned. You also have the option of directly asking customers to rate you. Each marketplace has its own rules. For example, Amazon does not allow sellers to solicit buyers by contacting them privately. However, for each order you have a button “Ask for an opinion” . When you click on it, an email is sent automatically. The customer is invited to give an overall satisfaction rating and to answer the question:


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