SEO during the Coronavirus or Covid-19

What to do in SEO during the Coronavirus or Covid-19?

In these times of quarantine where time seems to have stopped, our SEO Agency does not rest. What happens to SEO during the Coronavirus? In these days of uncertainty, the people who are at home, have increased their time of Internet use: this is the ideal time to generate content and maximize your digital strategy.

SEO, is it an essential service?

Current SEO can be summed up, in one word: adaptation.

Throughout the quarantine, as a consequence of the new Coronavirus , he has surely seen the closure of “non-essential” shops in his city. It is even likely that your business has had to close its physical premises and, currently, continues with online sales. That is why SEO is an essential service these days to continue generating income: competition on the internet has increased, everyone is competing to be the first choice of users and you must be ready for it.

The following post shows us which are the most relevant SEO factors in 2021 .


How to do SEO during the Coronavirus or Covid-19?

The types of search have changed: people look for stores that offer home services, information regarding the spread of the virus, prevention measures, activities that allow them to be distracted during quarantine, even psychological services to cope with the stress generated by confinement and the situation itself.

There are companies, such as tourism companies, that are currently experiencing a decline in sales that they usually have. However, this should not be seen as a negative point. It is time to modify your company’s website, to make it more optimal and attractive, because this crisis will not last forever: you have to prepare for what is coming. How to do it?

Website optimization .

It is time to give your website a more attractive design and, at the same time, make it an optimal and mobile friendly site, to offer users a pleasant experience on your website. Remember that this greatly influences the position your site will have in the search engines. Also, making your site attractive, optimized and mobile friendly will give you an important advantage over other companies when activities return to normal. It is time to renew!

Identify landing pages without unsubscribes .

At this time it is important to identify those destinations on your website whose landing pages have not suffered drops in visits and optimize them. It’s also a good idea to create content that leads to those landing pages.

Content creation.

It is important not to leave your website in this contingency. Staying current is essential. In this way, users will be able to consult the contents and the traffic of your website will not be affected. Keeping your site current will also give you a competitive advantage over other companies in your industry. This is perhaps the most important aspect of SEO during the Coronavirus.

For example, a travel company may use travel agency SEO strategies to create inbound content for its target audience. Companies that provide coaching services can use some content related to relaxing exercises or techniques to combat the anxiety generated by confinement. A company focused on electronics could propose small projects to its visitors: homemade batteries, a track or game machine for children, and so on. Food retailers could publish new and simple recipes. The possibilities are many! The important thing is to keep your business blog going.

Strengthening of e-commerce .

If your company is able to continue providing its service through orders and home deliveries, do so. In this case, it is important to have an expert who can advise and support you in optimizing your online store. At JRizo SEO Agency we are here to provide our services in these difficult times. Request your SEO budget , and contact us at 86-755-29950363.

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