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Training centers: how to ensure your digital presence?

Your future students are first and foremost Internet users. They spend a large part of their time online: chatting and having fun on social networks, watching videos on YouTube, getting information on Google …

The Internet is fully part of their daily life, much more than the television and radio which they still use, but more sporadically.

The same applies when they are looking for a training course or a college: their decision-making journey begins in the majority of cases on the Internet.

To attract students, make them want to go to events and register with their establishmentIt is now essential to have an online presence and to take care of your communication on your site and your social networks.

An increasingly digitalized decision-making process

The process for recruiting candidates has changed significantly in recent years.

Like other sectors of activity, they have been massively impacted by the massive use of the Internet, then of social networks . Direct contact or requests for brochures are no longer made at the start of the decision-making process. On the contrary, it is now after having done a great deal of research and maturing his thinking that the student goes to meet schools.

🚀You can no longer wait for your future students to come to you, you must reach them as early as possible in their decision-making process.

Traditional methods, such as sending brochures, emails, radio advertisements or flyers have lost their effectiveness. They can still be exploited, but with careful choice of timing and target . For example, a radio campaign will be interesting to reach the parents of future students, since they generally participate in decision-making.

The flyers can still be distributed at special events such as a student fair. As for the brochures, they can be sent when the student requests them or has already shown an interest in the school. To attract future students and increase the number of registrations, you need to put in place a real  digital strategy .

What strategy to adopt to reach future students?

Your strategy must focus on different axes and take into account the new expectations of future students. They are not only looking for an education, they are looking for an establishment where they will have a satisfying experience and which will be the perfect springboard for a professional career.

You must work on your notoriety as much as your differentiating elements, and make sure you are well positioned at each step of the decision-making process so that future candidates find you.

Be present on the web and social networks

For many large schools, the lack of visibility represents a major problem. However, it is essential for the student to know your establishment and your training offer.

You have several possibilities to solve this problem:

  • Improve the SEO (natural referencing) of your website: regularly publish interesting and informative content, likely to be sought after by future students. Include relevant keywords so that these pages rank well in search engines. When the future student enters queries into Google, Yahoo or Microsoft Bing, your site will appear in the first results. This will give you more traffic.
  • Create an account on social networks , such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest … Adolescents and young adults use them regularly to communicate and stay informed, so you have every interest in being there. Liven up your accounts by posting interesting and inspiring content that will make future students want to know more about your school and get in touch with you.
  • Set up advertising campaigns: solutions like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads … are effective in reaching a larger audience. It is an immediate gain in visibility with a target that corresponds to the profile you want to target. When prospective students do a Google search or browse social media, they will see ads for your school.
To take full advantage of these different options, you need to know your target audience.

This is essential for offering relevant content at key locations and times to Internet users potentially interested in your training offer.


Optimizing your online presence will also help you attract more people to your events, such as open houses, speed dating or student fairs. The support of an agency expert in digital strategy  is recommended to maximize the performance of your actions.

Improve your brand image and distinguish yourself from the competition

It does not matter whether your establishment is world famous or not, whether it is a large Business School Management in Paris or a training center in a small provincial town. You have to work on your brand image to attract future students. Use your website, your social networks and your Social Ads campaigns to highlight the strengths of your school: its location, its infrastructure, the quality of your teaching team, the success rate in exams, exchange programs at school. ‘international … Also value all the elements that set you apart from your competitors.

You must therefore put in place an appropriate marketing strategy to ensure the good reputation of your establishment. For example, you can share interviews with former students, present actions carried out by student associations, collect and publish opinions …

Personalize the relationship with your future students

Adapt your speech to your different targets: the future student who does not know you yet, the one who has already inquired, the one who plans to enroll, the parents who finance the studies or are worried about the future of their child … Your content must answer all questions , inspire and reassure the future candidate as well as those around him. Also remember that your future students can come from France or elsewhere. It may thus be interesting to offer suitable content for your future foreign students.

Measure the performance of your actions

Social networks, such as search engines or your website, allow you to collect data . For example, the number of visits to your site, the likes and shares on your Social media publications , the number of clicks on your Google Ads ads …

This information is essential to measure the performance of your various actions and adapt your digital marketing strategy continuously. You  optimize your campaigns  or your communication as you go to generate more and more registrations in your school. This analysis is also essential to calculate the ROI (return on investment) of your strategy and to better allocate your budget.

As you can see, it is essential to exploit social networks and the possibilities offered by digital technology to gain notoriety, improve your reputation and reach more students.

You will know how to use the power of the web to position yourself at each stage of the student’s decision-making journey and increase the number of registrations in your school

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