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How to engage your followers to boost your e-commerce sales?

Social networks have become essential in the daily life of consumers. They also represent a new stage in their purchasing journey. Seeking inspiration on Instagram or asking for advice on Facebook before purchasing a product or service has become common place. It is a real opportunity for companies to exploit, whatever your sector of activity.

By exploiting the potential of social networks, you benefit from many advantages: gain visibility, generate more traffic on your website, distribute your campaigns to a target audience .. It is also a very effective way to increase sales and revenue, as long as you are successful in engaging your followers .

How to sell through your social networks? », We give you all the keys to build and optimize a social media strategy . In this article, we take you through our top tips for engaging your followers with the goal of growing your sales .

Target the relevant audience to better engage

It only takes a few minutes to create a social media account. The speed and simplicity of this process should not make you forget the essential: it is essential to develop a strategy first. Each social network has its own codes and is aimed at a specific audience.

Start by defining the audience you want to reach, then it will be easier to find the ideal social network to reach and engage them. For example, Snapchat and TikTok are primarily used by teenagers and young adults looking for entertaining and creative content. Pinterest and Instagram fascinate those under 34 looking for inspiration (lifestyle, interior design, travel, etc.). Facebook and Twitter are aimed at larger audiences and LinkedIn is primarily of interest to professionals looking for useful information.

A company specializing in the manufacture of windows will thus be able, for example, to publish its content on Instagram and Pinterest to target Internet users in search of inspiration. Other social networks could be considered in addition, such as Facebook for its very large audience or LinkedIn if the company is also targeting a BtoB audience.

Build a relevant social media strategy

The choice of social networks is decisive for successfully creating engagement. Once this step is done and your first followers acquired, it’s time to deploy your strategy to engage your community and develop it . To achieve this, it is recommended to hire  a community manager  or entrust the management of your social networks to an expert agency.

In your strategy, you must take into account the expectations of users of social platforms : easy contact with brands, answers to their questions and content that presents real added value. If your posts aren’t doing anything for your audience, and you’re just posting ads for your products or services, you won’t be able to build engagement.

Develop proximity to your audience

The first point to work on is your proximity to the active users of your page. Social networks are often used as customer support : Internet users ask questions, request information or post feedback on their experiences (good or bad).

Make sure you respond to their messages promptly. This is all the more important since all comments posted publicly are seen by other users, including potential customers. By following this recommendation, you create a more satisfying relationship with your audience and improve your brand image.

Taking into account the opinions left by your customers and prospects also helps you to better understand them: you will have all the keys in hand to offer them more relevant offers and optimize your communication.

Create engaging content

The publications disseminated on your social networks must meet two main characteristics: be of interest to your audience (inform, entertain, inspire …) and be consistent with your brand image (tone used, lexicon used, chosen visuals. ..). The goal is then to manage to publish content that serves your objectives and highlights your products and services , but without having a too commercial approach. Fortunately, you have a multitude of formats and possibilities available to enhance your offer and your brand in a subtle way.

Rather than publishing a simple visual of a product accompanied by a technical description, put it on stage. Your followers will be able to easily imagine the experience they could have by purchasing it. Create visually striking, creative content that captures the expectations of Internet users. Engage your audience, make them want to comment on the post. For example, invite your followers to answer a simple question in the comments, or tag contacts who might need the featured product.

Use the formats available on social networks to liven up your accounts and increase the engagement rate: publish stories, carousels, mini surveys, reals, humorous quotes … Also think about live broadcasts now available on Facebook and Instagram: they can be used to show products, answer questions or share everyday moments in your store or business. For example, to talk about your values, go behind the scenes of manufacturing or your team. Other more fun solutions are very effective in creating engagement, such as  contests. (with a gain) and mini games (without prizes to be won, but which are entertaining). All of these formats help you bond emotionally with your audience and build a real brand environment.

In addition to the type of publications posted, you must be attentive to the way in which you animate your account. To promote engagement, consistency is the key! Recurring appointments, for example, are particularly useful for retaining your audience. Another tip to know is content sharing: do you want to unite a community and make it react to your publications? Highlight the followers who talk about you, by sharing the posts where they evoke your brand. They will feel valued and closer to you. It also prompts your other fans to tag you in their posts, further increasing engagement.

All of these actions have a direct impact on your turnover: an increasing engagement rate translates into increased awareness, more traffic to your website and more sales.

Closely monitor the performance of your social networks by measuring KPIs, such as the engagement rate. You can then make all the necessary optimizations to adjust your strategy and continuously improve its performance.

Generating engagement involves several essential elements: choosing the relevant social network, targeting your audience and offering them value-added content. You will then use the different formats available to regularly publish new content and encourage your followers to interact with them. This engagement-based strategy is particularly effective in generating more sales and increasing revenue. Its benefits are obviously more numerous: by working on engagement, you improve your communication and you gain notoriety. You also create a real relationship with your audience. These are all key elements to ensure the development and sustainability of your company or brand.


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