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How to be successful on real estate portals in 6 points

Real estate portals provide multiple opportunities to gain visibility and multiply leads . It is still necessary to make good use of the possibilities offered. Do you want to be a hit with real estate portals? Here are 6 key points to put in place in your strategy!

1. Know your upstream strategy

Before even getting started on real estate portals, take the time to think about your strategy and the situation in your market:

  • What are the current trends on search engines (volume of requests in your segment and positioning of the competition in the results)? 
  • What is your SEO strategy today? What will your digital goals be tomorrow?
  • Are you happy with the performance of your website (if you have one)? If not, what are you missing?
  • Do you have a visual identity ( branding ) clearly defined and identifiable by your customers?


2. Boost the attractiveness of ads

Internet users can choose from many portals and promoters. Your ads must be attractive enough to stand out from the competition. Use as much as possible the different tools and formats made available by the portals, in particular:

  • The description. Or how to define the good in a few key words, but impacting which list the main characteristics. The prospect must want to contact you to schedule a visit.
  • Photos. Uploading too many photos can confuse visitors. Choose a small number of visuals that know how to highlight the good and communicate its main assets. The potential buyer must be able to project himself.
  • The video. A short, fun and informative visual format, complementary to the photo to find out more about the ad while boosting your lots.


3. Take care of your leads at every step of the process

The generation of leads qualified demand some preparation and involvement. Go find the contacts in the right place. If your company is a major local player, target regional portals , where you will stand out better than generalist and national sites. If you are present in a niche market (such as mansions and beautiful homes, for example), favor portals that target this segment (in our example, ). To ensure optimal responsiveness and efficient contact management, prospects from portals must be integrated into your CRM software. the remarketing allows you to retarget Internet users who have interacted with your lots via the portals without converting. These contacts thus collected can be included in your emailing campaigns to develop a link over time.

By centralizing all of your leads in the same place, you will be able to optimize customer relationship management and better retain your customers. Differentiate the typology of your contacts to better adapt your approach, between leads , calls, meeting requests and requests for documentation or information. This differentiation can also be done geographically or sociologically, that is to say by sector (region, city or district) and by customer profile (tenants, investors or buyers). 

4. Set up effective performance monitoring

single dashboard should centralize all contact requests from both your website and the various portals you use. This tool will allow you to follow your performance from the first contact until the final sale. An essential management to constantly adapt your strategy to the targeted objectives.

The interest of this follow-up is also found in the evolution of your branding . Do you have any unsold or not rented lots left at the end of your digital campaign? Is it due to a bad use of the portals strictly speaking or rather to a bad definition of your branding  ? This analysis and monitoring work will bring out the real effectiveness of your positioning and the necessary trade-offs. 

5. Integrate Google Ads and Facebook Leads into your digital strategy

Remember that if your presence on real estate portals is essential to your digital strategy , it is only part of it. To be successful on portals, you have to put in place a global strategy that will permanently establish your brand on the Web. Prospects who view your ads on portals will then be able to remember your business name more easily. In this regard, two tools are particularly suitable for your digital diversification:

       🔑 Google Ads, with possible demographic or geographic targeting, or even by content or type of device used. 


      🔑 Facebook Leads with fully customizable forms according to your needs and your strategy (from requesting a quote to making an appointment, including registering for an event or a newsletter).


6. Choose the support of a dedicated agency

What if the success of your digital strategy was not only based on the use of portals and other digital tools, but also on the expert advice of a specialist? With crossborderplus by your side , you have a support solution to define an adapted and profitable strategy on the portals. In particular, you have a data visualization solution to analyze your results on each real estate portal. Take advantage of comprehensive and detailed information on your performance to continuously improve your digital strategy.

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