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How to add an SMS plugin on WordPress to carry out a campaign?

SMS is an excellent means of communication and is particularly useful for carrying out a marketing campaign with the aim of expanding its clientele and keeping it engaged.

Unlike emailing and social media posts, you don’t find yourself confronted with spam filters or the ability for users to hide your content if it comes back too often. Your SMS arrives safely at their destination. But to take full advantage of the benefits of an SMS marketing campaign, you need to add an SMS plugin to your WordPress site. How to proceed ? What are the real strengths of this tool which is coming back to the forefront?

SMS plugin on WordPress: how it works

The SMS plugin on WordPress allows you to communicate massively with your prospects and your customers, thanks to short texts limited to 160 characters. This tool allows you to send:

discount codes,
links to your special offers,
or reminders about events,
and the promotions you put in place.

This makes your marketing campaign easier and you send messages directly from the administration pages of your WordPress site.

To run an effective SMS campaign, the first step is to collect the phone numbers of your prospects and customers so that you can start sending SMS later.

For this all-important data collection, you have several options. For example, you can add a “phone number” field in your contact form, whether on your site or on paper in your physical store.

You can also ask your visitors to provide their phone number when they create an account on your site.

Be careful, however, not to make it an obligation! Because you run the risk that a certain number of users will give you false numbers.

In this specific case, your mobile marketing campaign would largely fail. Whether or not to provide you with their phone number should be left to the discretion of your site visitors.

You can also ask potential customers to take the first step towards you, to make sure that they are potentially interested in your offers.

To do this, ask them to send you a keyword relevant to your business and provide them with a shortcode (5-digit) phone number. The keyword can for example be “CONTOURING” if you work in the field of make-up, or even “ESPADRILLES” if you specialize in shoes.

Once you have obtained the phone numbers and built your database, you will then need to install a WordPress SMS plugin. You are probably telling yourself that this is where the going gets tough, and think again. The use of this tool is very intuitive.

The advantages of WordPress plugins

You have the choice to use plugins related or not to WordPress. But you should know that WordPress plugins offer several significant advantages.

First of all, their integration is very easy. They also allow you to create simple messages through the familiar WordPress interface. They give you the ability to directly monitor and analyze shipments through your WordPress dashboard. Note that you can also have access to your shipment history at any time. You can also use labels to quickly send links to your latest post.

Finally, the management of the tool is easy on a daily basis, and it is particularly effective in terms of saving time and energy, since everything is done in one place, instead of coming and going on different platforms. .

SMS plugin on WordPress, easy installation

To install your SMS plugin, just follow a few simple steps:

go to the Administration area of your WordPress site
then go to the left menu and choose Extensions and Add
at the top, next to the title, tap Upload extension (a new panel should open)
by clicking on Browse, indicate the location of the plugin folder that you downloaded
click Install
check that the SMS plugin is available in the left menu

Why carry out an SMS marketing campaign?

SMS is, for some, an obsolete communication tool. Unlike email, which is certainly effective, but has certain limitations. In reality, it is not. Different studies have indeed shown that this is a more than viable communication channel.

A powerful tool to boost user engagement

Many companies use Facebook’s Messenger tool, which has been a feature that has been in place for many years now. This made it possible to make an observation. Every month, around 2 billion messages are exchanged between consumers and businesses. And 53% of users say they are more likely to buy near a brand they have direct contact with. But direct contact is exactly what SMS offers.

A highly valued communication channel

Also according to data on interactions between consumers and businesses, 56% of users prefer to communicate by message than by phone call.

Another study by Harris Interactive and OneReach titled “High demand for customer service via text message” demonstrates this consumer interest in instant messages to communicate with brands, especially SMS.

In particular, it found that 64% of them preferred to write a message rather than make a call.

It is not only a less intrusive means of communication, but it is also accessible to everyone, regardless of the type of mobile phone used. 94% of French people own a mobile phone and consult it many times during the day.

We see that the youngest (between 18 to 24 years) consult their phone 50 times a day, according to Ipsos Mori. It would be a shame for a company not to take advantage of such a windfall.

Plus, users don’t need to download a specific app to access text message content. The simpler it is for them, the more effective the communication campaign will be.

The short formula required by the SMS also requires choosing the right message to obtain a more impactful result. For their part, the users who receive them are more inclined to read them, thanks to this short and easy to understand formula.

A very high open rate with the WordPress SMS plugin

If you are still not convinced by the need to add SMS functionality to your site to boost your marketing strategy, also note that an SMS has an exceptional 98% open rate, according to a report from Denmark. The same cannot be said for a newsletter, for example.

Better yet, 90% of messages are read within three seconds of receipt, again according to the same report. For comparison, emails have a 20% open rate. These quickly end up in anti-spam folders and are often deleted without even being read.

A high conversion rate

This speed at which your marketing messages are seen and read has an impact on the conversion rate of course. Data collected in a recent study highlights the impact on mobile users

They are more loyal, showing a strong redemption rate of 16.6%, while that rate is only 3.3% for emails.

This concept also works across the Atlantic: 50% of American consumers who receive an SMS would even make a purchase directly.

Either way, texting lets you not worry about various blockers and automatic deletion, often used by consumers to avoid receiving unwanted promotions by email. You get more views and it’s your responsibility to properly customize your posts to get the desired result.

The returns on investment linked to SMS are exponential. For example, a UK racing circuit achieved a return on investment of 680% by using an SMS campaign to provide its 45,000 recipients with an optimized ticket ordering page. If you adopt the same marketing strategy, all you need to do is make a small investment in purchasing the SMS plugin.

A memorization rate that stands out

It may also be interesting to know that SMS have a relatively high memorization rate, namely 60%. Still by way of comparison, users memorize only 15% of what they see and listen to on radio and TV, according to figures from INSEE.

A low-cost campaign with the WordPress SMS plugin

A massive SMS campaign not only offers big and quick payoffs, it also comes at a very attractive price for the company implementing it. In fact, you just need to buy your SMS plugin which you can then easily install yourself on your WordPress site to be able to start your campaign independently.

In addition, you can choose your plugin according to the needs and expectations of your business.

The possibilities offered by SMS in terms of communication

Since SMS has long been relegated to the background when it comes to marketing tools, many are still unaware of the possibilities and opportunities it can bring.

It can constitute real added value for your customers. During a delivery, they will no longer have to check your site at all times on the status of their package. Because you can inform them directly by SMS.

As part of a marketing campaign, you can tell them directly about promotions that may be of interest to them and be pretty sure that they will read your post. For their part, they will save precious time. Moreover, it is a communication channel that is not reserved only for large companies, but which is accessible to all.

SMS have a wide field of application as part of a marketing campaign:

verification or instant confirmation of subscription to an offer
event announcements and reminders
special offers message
sending discount codes to generate traffic
reminder on receipt of important information
sending quiz
SMS or gift contests to increase their number of subscribers and boost their notoriety
But adding an SMS plugin to your website also comes in handy on other fronts, whether you have an e-commerce site or a regular site. Thus, you can send a notification directly from your site to confirm a purchase or the shipment of a package.

You can also organize a satisfaction survey and thus collect useful information, while strengthening the engagement of your visitors. Using the SMS plugin also allows you to send notifications about the publication of new content.

This tool is also used to send password checks if the visitor forgot. It is also part of a subscription renewal process. You can use SMS to:

inform your prospects and customers about new fundraisers,
or campaigns for charities, to improve your brand image.
On another note, sending SMS via the dedicated plugin allows appointment confirmation, mainly for professionals whose service requires an appointment (dentist, pediatrician, real estate agent, etc.).

How to succeed in your SMS marketing campaign?

When you have gathered all the necessary tools to launch your campaign, you will have to fine-tune it to quickly reach your goal.

Precisely determine your goal
Your SMS campaign can be used for many purposes:

boost your website traffic,
launch a new product,
open a new point of sale,
launch a new offer,
retain your customers,
or boost your commercial prospecting.
Whatever your goal, you should choose only one to avoid overloading your texts with too much information.

It is best to communicate only one thing at a time so as not to confuse the mind of the recipient of the message.

Work carefully on the content of his message

Do not send random text messages without making sure to personalize them to your customers. It can then be useful, as a first step, to segment your customers. The sending of SMS will then be done according to the characteristics of a panel of customers:

purchasing habits,
location, etc …
The message must be personalized according to these criteria and the type of language used. It must be clear and precise.

You can also personalize the message with the name and / or first name of each recipient. This helps to create a more human and trusting relationship.

Your customers will feel privileged by your brand, the engagement and loyalty rate will be increased.

To conclude on the WordPress SMS plugin

It can be deduced that SMS is one, if not “the” most effective communication channel available to businesses. Numerous studies attest to this. In addition, it is an easy to use tool with many possibilities for customization.

You also need to be well informed about the regulations surrounding sending SMS to carry out your activities legally and not to take any risks.

Finally, using SMS for your marketing campaigns does not require a significant investment compared to other channels.

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