Customer reviews What impact for my business?

Customer reviews are at the heart of business concerns today because they have a direct impact on their reputation.

The rise of social media and the development of e-commerce mean that Internet users currently have many communication media to make themselves heard.

 Did you know that 90% of consumers consult reviews before making a purchase? You understand the importance of integrating them into your marketing strategy!  

The importance of customer reviews in a marketing strategy 

Customer reviews have an impact on three essential levers of the customer journey :

Finding information

Of negative opinions will harm the online reputation of your business and discourage potential customers to turn to your products and / or services. Conversely, positive opinions will encourage Internet users to take the act of buying.

 A business that displays 5 stars on Google or Facebook receives 28% more clicks than a business that has none at all.

You can’t please everyone, so it’s normal for a business to have negative reviews, and it’s even a guarantee of authenticity for your customers. Having negative opinions is not a drama, the important thing is to respond to them in order to prove that you are listening to your customers and willing to improve yourself. 

The conversion rate

When customer reviews are present on a website, they encourage other Internet users to take action. Indeed, they will seek opinions to get a better idea of ​​the quality of the product and the customer experience. The more reviews there are, the more confident Internet users will feel , and this also applies to negative reviews if you have answered them correctly! 


The latter makes it possible to improve turnover but also to take care of the customer relationship and therefore to preserve the online reputation thanks to the recommendation made by the Internet user.

A satisfied customer will share their positive experience with three people around them, while a dissatisfied customer will share their experience with ten people.

Identifying satisfied customers will therefore make it possible to set up loyalty-building campaigns ( loyalty programs, VIP events, etc.) or referral marketing . The latter consists in transforming the customer into an ambassador, via a sponsorship system for example. Dissatisfied customers may be offered a discount on the next purchase or a phone call to resolve the dissatisfaction and thus recover them.

How to use your customer reviews?

Managing your reviews allows you to be close to your customers for a sincere and positive experience. Reading, responding to and processing the requests identified in customer reviews allows you to join a virtuous circle.

In addition, customer reviews can be relayed on review sites such as Verified Reviews, TripAdvisor, etc. but also via Facebook publications or the reviews section on the page, as well as on Google My Business. They can also be distributed to a panel of consumers, which can be useful for your research and development.

 Customer reviews can also enrich your CRM to monitor satisfied or unhappy customers, self-assess yourself and set up a brand advocacy process to improve your brand image.

If your brand only has a few reviews, it would be worth collecting new ones. Soliciting your customers after a purchase results in a 25% return rate . Knowing that only 1% of consumers spontaneously express their feedback. Today it is no longer necessary to say “my product / service is the best” but to have your customers say it.

Want to get customer reviews? Do you want to control your online reputation or improve your rating? Our experts are there to support you! Whether it’s to set up a review collection, manage your e-reputation or respond to negative reviews.


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