How to make your website efficient in 6 steps

How to make your website efficient in 6 steps?

How to make your website efficient in 6 steps

Your website is your storefront on the Internet. Its role is to attract visitors and convert them into customers. However, its appearance, content, positioning and the customer journey it offers greatly influence its performance.

It is therefore essential to invest in the optimization of your site to derive the greatest benefit from it. Below are the 6 key points to have a successful website.

The basics of a successful website

Having a successful website starts with the choice of the Content Management System (or CMS  : Content Management System). Opt for a reliable CMS that will ensure good performance for your site for several years.

Large CMSs like WordPress benefit from regular updates, which keeps your website constantly evolving. For a site developed from scratch, it’s not that simple. You will need time and resources to constantly adapt it to new technologies.

Also think about the choice of your domain name . A relevant domain name is an NDD:

  • ideally short,
  • easy to remember and write,
  • representative of your brand,
  • and have an appropriate extension (example: .ch if activity in Switzerland, .com if commercial activity, etc.).

1 A trendy and professional web design

To be successful, your website must instantly leave a positive impression in the minds of your visitors.

Its web design should reflect your brand identity and inspire trust, evoking a credible business. Likewise, the layout of your website must be designed to provide a smooth browsing experience for the user. We then speak of user experience .

Indeed, the human brain captures and understands images much faster than texts. The ideal is to adopt a minimalist design with professional and captivating photos of your products. Opt for an attractive appearance to make your visitors want to know you better.

2 Fast loading

A successful website is a website that loads quickly.

According to We are Social , 53.3% of internet traffic comes from smartphones, and this number is constantly growing. For Google, 53% of mobile users abandon a session if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load . But in addition to scaring away users, heavy websites are penalized by search engines.

To minimize loading time across your entire website, you should:

  • have a lightweight code,
  • remove unnecessary plug-ins (extensions),
  • optimize the size of images for the web,
  • have efficient hosting .

3 A successful website requires responsive web design

Responsive design is an important aspect of making a website perform well.

Your site must adapt to all the screens of the devices used to view it (computer, tablet, mobile, smart TV, etc.). A responsive design offers several benefits to your site:

  • good loading speed,
  • a better customer journey,
  • personalized content according to the user.

4 A quality text

The quality of text content has a considerable impact on the performance of your site. Your content must respond to the specific concerns of Internet users. This is what will grab their attention and drive them to visit your site .

This is the whole point of web writing: producing relevant and quality content to generate visitors to a website. To do this, you must target keywords relating to the needs and activities of your target.

For example, if you sell children’s shoes in Paris, you may be tempted to position yourself on the keyword “Paris shoe”. But it may be that sites selling adult shoes occupy the top positions in Google. It would therefore be more interesting to target the keyword “children’s shoe paris”.

5 Smooth navigation

Visitors access the content of a website by navigating between pages.

The tree structure of your site must therefore facilitate access to the desired content as much as possible . Remember to take care of the navigation levels of your menu, knowing that 56% of visitors use it to navigate on a site.

If you have a complex website or one that contains a lot of pages — a blog or a transactional site for example — it would be interesting to add a breadcrumb at least on the pages that do not appear in the menu.

Also add calls to action (CTA) to your pages to lead your visitors to more information.

6 Good SEO practices

Knowing that 94% of web traffic comes from search engines, natural referencing (SEO) becomes one of the most important aspects of having a successful website.

A good SEO optimization is the assurance of:

  • increase your visibility on Google,
  • generate quality natural traffic,
  • increase your conversion rate .

But to benefit from these advantages and improve the performance of your site , you must:

  • optimize the technical aspect ,
  • optimize your content (texts, images, infographics, etc.),
  • and get recommendations from sites relevant to your topic.

Now that you know how to make your website efficient, don’t wait any longer to get started!

If you don’t have time to take care of it, the AntheDesign team will be happy to offer you personalized support. In addition, our agency offers the creation of a high-performance website , the redesign and creation of your SEO strategy.


Why back up your website

Why back up your website?

We can never tell you enough: make backups of your website! And to answer your “Why?” ”, we have written for you, this post on website backup

Some website owners still tend to believe that small sites are not of interest to hackers. Nay! Hackers have no preference! As soon as there is the possibility of exploiting your data and diverting your resources, the risk of attack is there. And it is often too late when you realize it. Blocked… No action possible. The restoration of the site is, of course, possible, but it cannot be done if the backup of your website has not been made beforehand.

Store a backup on the same hosting server: avoid

A server crash prevents you from recovering the backup .

Hosting your website on another server will become impossible. It is also important to know that the risks are significant.

💡Hackers can access your data, get your source code and decrypt your password.

Remember to put your data in a safe place, outside the website’s hosting server. You can then consult them even if your server has malfunctions.

A website backup secures your information .

You will then be safe from loss or blocking of data. The restoration of workstations and the resumption of activity will be done more quickly in the event of a disaster. There is no standard backup solution, the ideal is to choose one that will suit your needs.

Once you find a storage technique that works, consider testing it regularly and performing a backup media audit.

Backup your WordPress website

Loss of data is perceived as a lack of organization.

It is usually fatal, and even if you manage to recover a tiny part, it means that you have used a lot of resources. The ideal is therefore to prevent this possible loss and to look for different ways to remedy it to avoid relying on only one solution which will not necessarily work in the event of a disaster.

Backing up your website prevents you from losing digital data .

Losing a website is the worst situation a business can go through. WordPress, for example, is a free and open source content management system .

It is frequently targeted by hackers, which makes its backup essential. WordPress is a secure platform, but that doesn’t prevent attackers from accessing your data. Especially since an outdated plugin makes your site even more vulnerable.

The ideal is to save WordPress in various places.

Apart from a hard drive, you can also opt for some file hosting services such as Dropbox.

Backing up on the same hosting server is a bad idea .

Indeed, if the server has a malfunction, you will no longer be able to recover the backup. Hosting your website through another server will not happen. Hackers, on the other hand, can gain access to your source code or passwords.

Other storage media for backed up data include:

  • external hard drives;
  • the Cloud;
  • the computer (on a partition);
  • the SIN.

Anticipate the risks of data loss in the event of a fire

You can lose all of your data in the event of a fire .

Finding the best backup solutions is therefore imperative. The goal is to protect the data stored in a system. Hosting backups on the same server as your site is not always advisable. You can always lose them.

The backup can be done outside the infrastructure servers .

This method helps you bounce back effectively even in the presence of a fire.

A so-called “manual” website backup involves copying a large part of your data to an external drive. Recording is done at regular intervals either monthly, weekly or daily.

You have the choice as to the model of the hard disks:

  • laptop hard drive,
  • external hard drive,
  • solid state drive,
  • NAS disk.

💡 A disk whose capacity far exceeds that of your computer is preferred.

Small point on the NAS for the backup of your website

NAS (Network Attachment Storage) refers to a connected personal server that allows one or more users to access data remotely.

These are kept with you instead of being stored at Microsoft, Google or Dropbox. NAS is an intelligent storage solution . Network storage avoids the loss of different types of data: images, movies, music, etc. Storage can be centralized.

With a NAS, all devices can connect to the network when needed .

And the Cloud then?

Online storage such as the cloud is also convenient .

The consultation of your data and files is done at any time regardless of the device used: tablet, computer, smartphone. The price depends on the volume of storage envisaged. You can combine a Cloud service and an external hard drive to protect your data from hackers and disasters.

Don’t hesitate to put in place a DRP or Disaster Recovery Plan.

This document gives you the means to plan the steps to follow in order to rebuild and restart your computer systems. This technique is essential if the disaster takes place at the data center level.

💡A PRA helps you find the best methods of switching the system to another system after the fire.

To conclude on the backup of your website

Losing your data means facing significant financial repercussions.

Your customers, suppliers, and partners may stop working with you if disaster recovery takes time . All of this can lead to the bankruptcy of your brand.

Having an excellent website backup plan avoids problems. And remember, data represents all the work you and your people have been doing for a long time. They should hold your full attention.

Artificial Intelligence – main applications of AI in online business

Artificial Intelligence – main applications of AI in online business

Artificial intelligence has dramatically changed the business landscape. What started out as rule-based automation is now able to mimic human interaction.

It’s not just human capabilities that make artificial intelligence unique. An advanced AI algorithm offers much better speed and reliability at a much lower cost compared to humans.

Artificial intelligence today is not just a theory. It actually has many practical applications. Today, businesses around the world are taking advantage of artificial intelligence to optimize their process. And so, reaping greater revenues and profits, and these are some of the applications used:

1. Chatbots:

Artificial intelligence continues to be a hot topic in the tech space, as well as increasing its creation in other realms such as healthcare, business and gaming.

AI-powered chatbots in companies will also see an influx of people becoming more comfortable with how AI can actually benefit companies versus, say, taking their jobs.

From an analytical perspective, AI can be incorporated into interfaces to change the way they receive and understand data.

Chatbots, in particular, are always on, providing intelligent and flexible analytics through conversations on mobile devices using standard messaging tools and voice-enabled interfaces.

This dramatically reduces the time to collect data for all business users. This speeds up the pace of business and streamlines the way analysts spend their time. In other words, it prepares companies for the growing data needs of the near future.

2. Artificial Intelligence in Electronic Commerce:

Artificial Intelligence technology provides a competitive advantage for e-commerce businesses. Plus, it’s becoming readily available for businesses of any size or budget.

Leveraging machine learning, AI software automatically tags, organizes, and visually searches content by labeling image or video assets.

AI is allowing shoppers to discover associated products, be it size, color, shape or even brand.

AI’s visual capabilities are improving every year. By first getting visual clues from the uploaded images, the software can successfully help the customer find the product they want.

Many e-commerce retailers are already becoming more sophisticated with their AI capabilities.

3.AI improves communication in the workplace:

Today’s business communication is overloaded with content, channels, tools and so-called solutions, depriving individuals (and companies) from achieving goals and, at the same time, undermining the balance between work and work life.

Artificial Intelligence will help companies to improve communication internally and externally, allowing individual customization of each professional, allowing greater focus and increased productivity.

With this AI customization, each individual will be empowered thanks to an intelligent virtual assistant, helping to take care of operational and repeatable tasks, saving time by understanding their needs and goals, as well as recommending the next best action to take, how to use time effectively. much more efficient without requiring any extra effort.

In the short and long term, business processes will improve, innovation will grow as employees clear their tasks and stress lessens.

4. Human Resource Management:

AI and machine learning are going to drastically and irrevocably change how HR and recruiting work in all companies and that’s going to be amazing.

In fact, HR is likely to be one of the first areas of the business that will benefit from AI for two simple reasons.

Firstly, there is tons of high quality data in HR and secondly, HR is a part of any business that is essential and still feels the pressure of time.

If aspects of recruiting and HR work can be automated, HR workers can have the freedom to work directly with people in the business, but also with potential hires, spending the quality human time required for a large HR department.

It may seem paradoxical, but the more Artificial Intelligence a company deploys in HR, the more ‘Human’ a company can be.

Artificial Intelligence will essentially take all bureaucratic elements out of the picture. HR’s automatic generation of high quality data as well as the incredible benefits of AI make it one of the first places to experience the 4th industrial revolution.

5.AI in Health:

In the coming year, and particularly in the next five to ten years, artificial intelligence will have a big impact on the healthcare industry and the ways in which healthcare companies use AI.

AI improves reliability, predictability and consistency with quality. AI, applied to software, is used as a decision-enhancing tool, but it should not have reigned free without human interaction and guidance.

While it cannot replace doctors and nurses, it can make them more effective, efficient and happier at work by taking the cognitive load off providers – which increases confidence as well as reduces stress and anxiety.

6. Smart cybersecurity:

Regarding cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence is making great strides. AI allows companies to detect vulnerabilities or anomalous user behavior in business applications such as ERP or financial systems.

A behavioral anomaly analysis system in computer systems resembles the most secure airport in the world: when you’re on your way to it, the security system has enough time to analyze your identity, you’re scrutinized by cameras, moreover, in in case of any sign of danger, you are intercepted.

Deep learning is enabled to see if a user has any suspicious activity. Thus, even if attackers have penetrated into the victim’s system, they begin to take actions that differ from the usual ones and, as a result, they don’t go unnoticed and their damage is avoided.

7. Artificial Intelligence in Logistics and Supply Chain:

When combined with customer data and analytics, physical artificial intelligence removes friction from the customer experience.

Artificial intelligence empowers companies to act on consumer data to drive improvements in many areas of supply chain operations. Mobile technology and the “uberization” of things have left consumers hungry for AI.

Consumers demand a shorter delivery wait from retailers, so retailers expect the same from manufacturers and distribution centers.

Autonomous trucks and robotic systems enable supply chains to fulfill seven days a week. Over the next five years, the “business days” shipping term will become obsolete as consumers expect evening and weekend delivery.

8. Sports betting industry:

Humans cannot compete with artificial intelligence when it comes to analyzing large amounts of data.

With AI we can analyze the vast amount of sports analytics data available to maximize accuracy when it comes to predicting future outcomes. This proves especially fruitful in today’s sprawling betting market. Where a large number of games and betting types are offered to an increasingly insatiable betting public.

9. Simplified manufacturing with AI:

For most customers when it comes to AI or Machine Learning, the magic happens when large amounts of data can be transmitted within milliseconds of the machine and furthermore process data from multiple databases.

This provides actionable insights that can therefore help these customers to reduce non-productive downtime, predict failures or build a “model batch” that can be referenced across all production lines

10. Integrated Hotels/Resorts:

Armed with this kind of information, hotels can understand what matters most to their guests on an individual level, allowing them to anticipate their guests’ needs before guests are even aware of them.

Furthermore, hotels can understand the main characteristics of their most profitable customers. And that way, recognize the next most important when he or she logs into the hotel’s online reservation system.

The use of deep neural networks and image classifiers can analyze and analyze images, which can thereby allow hotel marketers to monitor the images that provide the highest booking conversion rate across each channel.

In addition, you can also use AI to calculate dynamic guest clusters to create real-time fluid segmentation.

11. Retail:

Online shopping creates rich data footprints regarding the individual preferences, spending habits and preferred channels of individual consumers.

Feeding these digital crumbs into an AI engine helps bring curated shopping trips to mass audiences. Automated bots can create realistic but also seamless customer service experiences by addressing the consumer through their purchase history and known preferences.

On the marketing side, AI can deliver that extra dash of relevance that programmatic advertising has been waiting for all these years.

On the consumer side, AI helps create individualized display ads that site visitors want to see, while on the accounting side, bots handle billing and payment for these transactions, giving marketers more time to focus on the board. general.

With AI, predictive customer service and marketing can be right there.


As you can see the use of artificial intelligence is prevalent in every aspect of the business.

Today every company is in some way an IT company. Therefore, as a business leader, you need to move with the market and take steps to leverage this technology to its best possible extent.

With the Colors Agency , we guarantee much more than just an attractive look and a modern layout for your website.

Our main focus is to offer companies around the world effective solutions, that is, to generate visibility on the internet.

Our agency develops SEO strategies as well as brand positioning for multinational companies, large, medium and small, all projects are important to us.

07 Reasons to use WordPress

07 Reasons to use WordPress

WordPress  is a content manager, that is, it is an application or software that allows you to create and manage websites. In this article I will leave you the  10 reasons to use WordPress  with your brand and you can make the changes you require yourself.
In the world of programming  WordPress  is known as  CMS  (Content Management System) Content Management System  There are different types of CMS such as: Joomla, Drupal, among others, but  WordPress  is the most used worldwide.

Why does everyone prefer it?

Because it is an  easy and simple platform to use . Making changes and / or adaptations will not be a problem and you do not need to be an expert. You can do this yourself, it is enough to know how to handle basic tools and some concepts, the rest  WordPress  does it for you. Here are the  10 reasons to use WordPress with your brand :

1. No need to know programming

The wonderful thing about  WordPress , is that because it is a content manager, you do not need to know anything about programming, that is, if you want to customize certain advanced options you can do it on your own.

For this, it will only be necessary that you have at least  basic knowledge  and the logic to solve the problem without the need to call your programmer friend. So to use  WordPress  you only have to do it from the graphical environment,  not from the code .

2. Allows a 100% responsive design

It is  100% responsive , that is, your website  adapts to any screen size  or device where it is viewed, from a large 30-inch screen to the small screen of a smartphone.

3. It is easy to use by the end user

Its use is very simple , since the installation of WordPress at first may seem somewhat complicated, but you only have to follow steps or use any  tutorial  that you get in the immensity  of the Google search engineWhen it is installed, start creating your own website. You don’t have to depend on a programmer to change any image or text on the web.

4. Your website belongs to you

One of the  best features of WordPress  is that the web being open source  has no other owner than you , it is your property and  that is a super advantage . With this you have the freedom to make  all the modifications you want , to add the functionalities you need, upload the web page to any Hosting service you want or change it when you feel like it. While unlike content managers like Wix,  if the company disappears your website goes with them .

5. You have the best blogging system built in

If your interest is to have a blog,  WordPress  is the best option. It has the  best blogging system on the market. You can  structure the contents yourself , using your own and attractive designs, schedule your publications,  integrate buttons  to share on social networks,  add forms  to subscribe to your email and much more.

6. Allows you to customize it, make very attractive and different designs

It is a completely customizable content manager  This means that you can get different templates or themes (whether free or paid) in different styles, colors, and fonts. Which you can  modify according to what you need , or you can create your own template from scratch.

7. It is constantly updated and growing

Because it is open source, the different developers update  the software constantly , so you can find different versions on a monthly basis.

The particularity of each update is that in addition to correcting possible errors, they  add new functionalities  adapted to the trend that is taking place at that time.


What is a CRM and how does it improve the relationship with your customers?

CRM to improve the relationship with your customers

Your target audience should be the core of your marketing strategies. For this reason, maintaining a harmonious relationship with her is of vital importance in order to get your brand off the ground and consolidate it.

The techniques for conducting an audit may help you by allowing you to focus on the aspects most consulted by your audience. In addition to these, having a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a great support to manage relationships and interactions with your target customers.

What is a CRM?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system that is based on the management of customer relationships and interactions. Its purpose is to optimize the link between client – company, find new potential clients and recover old ones.

A CRM system serves as support so that companies can stay connected with their audiences, streamlining internal and external processes, as well as optimizing profitability levels.

This type of software collects data from customer contact points, where the exchange of information takes place. For example, surveys and web forms. This information is analyzed, offering solutions to improve decision-making and benefit the achievement of general business objectives.

All this is achieved through a simple and fast interface to use.

The most popular CRMs on the market

Beyond relying on techniques to perform an SEO audit, you must complement the information with the use of a CRM. Consider which are the most popular on the market:

●       Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most advanced solutions when it comes to customer relationship management. It has a wide variety of categories that allow you to meet the needs of your company in different areas. For example, Analytics, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, among many others.

This software works under a free version for 30 days, after that time, you must contract a payment plan to continue taking advantage of its benefits.

● HubSpot

It is a special CRM to manage the sales area in order to offer more personalized attention to target users. HubSpot provides the sales team with the essential information and tools to optimize the sales process.

The solutions offered by this CRM range from the creation of contacts to the registration of agreements. Best of all, they can be edited and customized whenever you want.

● Act!

This CRM system manages your customers’ relationships from the moment they make contact with your business. With Act! You can order your calendar and actions, boost your sales and the expansion of your company.

Also, it allows you to manage your digital marketing tasks . And, most importantly, optimize customer service by developing a positive brand perception.

Remember that learning the techniques to perform an SEO audit must be complemented with the implementation of a CRM in your company. If you need a quote ,86-755-29950363

5 WordPress plugins to backup

5 WordPress plugins to backup

Having a website in WordPress is not only about addressing aesthetic issues such as design, template or images. Backing up your website is essential to face possible failures in the service , or third-party attacks, which could compromise the functionality of your site, thereby losing years of effort to achieve excellent results in web positioning . So that this does not happen, we share with you a compilation of the best WordPress plugins to make backup copies provided by this Content Manager (CMS) to make backup copies.

Top 5 plugins to help you make backups

Backups are the best alternative to survive data loss in WordPress , the end result of which is usually the closure of the site. In order to avoid this problem, download and install the following plugins in your WordPress:

1. BackupGuard


It is a practical and easy-to-use alternative, with a single click you can create a backup copy that you can later download to your computer.

However, the free version is a bit limited. You will not be able to make automatic backups or restore them. So it is advisable to purchase the premium version, an investment that your website will thank you for.

2. Xcloner

xcloner backup

It is one of the most used options on websites that work with PHP. Among its main features, it uses open source standards, such as the MySQL formats.

This, in order that the backup copies can be renewed in a wide variety of ways. Which offers you more flexibility and better management of your copies.

3. Duplicator

Duplicator backups for WordPress

It is one of the most complete plugins that you can get in WordPress. This not only allows you to make a backup, but also helps you to clone your web page.

Something convenient in case you intend to migrate from hosting, which will not affect your performance at all. It is a multi-purpose tool.

Of course, like BackupGuard, the free version does not offer the option to restore or automate backups. 

4. UpdraftPlus Backup


This plugin simplifies the process of making backups and their respective restoration. UpdraftPlus Backup backs up to the cloud, like Google Drive, and allows you to restore your data with just one click.

Best of all, the tool offers you the benefit that database and file backups can be scheduled independently. This, in case a failure occurs during charging.

5. Complete Central Backup


This plugin allows you to create immediate and live backups of your entire website in just one click. Which includes all your files, and you can renew whenever you want.

To preserve your SEO positioning, make a backup copy in time and form. Call us at 86-755-29950363

international seo agency



When it comes to choosing a digital marketing agency for you, it’s no small feat. More often than not, many businesses opt for a  digital marketing agency over  internal marketing, simply because it is difficult to maintain. With an abundance of new marketing tactics appearing every day, it can be nearly impossible for busy businesses to stay on top of the latest trends, to find the best ways to use different platforms;  essentially becoming a ‘jack of all trades’ in all areas of digital marketing. As a result, this is why having someone else do it for you can be of great benefit.

But when it comes to choosing the right marketing company, it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly, especially if it’s your first time. Follow these  seven steps  to make sure you choose the right digital marketing agency for you …




When you start researching the best digital marketing companies, you need to prepare yourself and ask yourself a few questions, such as what do I want to achieve with an agency and how much am I willing to spend to achieve it? Understanding exactly what you want will help you find and refine exactly what you want, rather than wasting your precious time and resources.

Once you’ve determined your business needs, whether it’s increasing your business online presence or redesigning your brand, you’re ready to start actively researching the best digital marketing agency for you. .


You may be wondering “how do I choose an agency for me?” First, assess the packages offered by a company: do they match what you want your company to achieve? This is an important question to think about, because if their marketing strategy was not what you are looking for, the agency is not “The One” no matter how much you love them.

Moreover, the cost is also a factor to consider. Remember, it really isn’t worth spending an arm and a leg on a digital marketing package that doesn’t meet your needs.


Before moving forward in the process, it is essential that you do some thorough research on the digital marketing agencies that you have investigated. Are they practicing what they preach? The main way to know if an agency is right for you is to look at the results they have produced themselves.

For example, if you are considering hiring an agency to do  content marketing  , how does it run its own blog? If you are considering hiring them for  social media  how do they handle their own social media – is it successful? The same goes for SEO; how do they rank in search terms for their industry? Did you find them on the first page of Google? If they do not “practice what they preach,” they may not be able to achieve what they promise or be able to provide the services they offer.  

Plus, another great way to find out if a  digital marketing company  is the best is through recommendations. Ask your friends and family if they have anyone in mind or if any friends of friends know about it. Alternatively, consider asking your professional network on LinkedIn, as there may be an acquaintance in your industry who has a specific suggestion for you.

Reboot  tip : Be very careful if you are considering hiring an overseas digital marketing agency. Agencies overseas often charge low prices, so you might think you’re getting a lot, but in reality you might have to deal with poor service. Not to mention the jet lag which can be a problem …

4. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS You may be thinking, what to ask a digital marketing agency? You’ll likely have a hundred and one different questions, but it’s important to make sure you’re asking the right questions.


        – Can I see examples of campaigns?

Ask the company for a  portfolio of successful work  , whether it’s effective PR campaigns,  keyword ranking,  and producing quality content with high click-through rates and  low bounce rates  .

        – Who will complete the work?

You may need different teams, like an  SEO agency  with an in-house content marketing team. Take the time to review the company and ask yourself, “Would I be happy for people to find this work on my company site?” “

        – How long do you keep your clients on average?

In short: the longer, the better.  

        – What results can you promise me? 

Keep in mind that if you’re in a fairly competitive industry, a digital marketing agency  shouldn’t promise ‘bottom-of-the-funnel’ results  because there are too many factors at play – it’s inevitable that results take longer if you are in a more competitive market.

        – How will the results and the ROI be measured?

Make sure it’s clear how the results will be measured, as well as your return on investment (ROI).


Once you’ve narrowed down a selection of digital marketing agencies that you’re happy to continue with, contact the company to express your interest.

The next step is to send a  “Request for Proposal”  (RFP) to your selected few agencies to help you in your decision to choose the best digital marketing agency. A call for tenders allows you to collect information from different companies and select the company that best meets your criteria, both in terms of skills and budget. This should make it clear which agency works best for your business and which digital marketing contract you need to sign.


If you’re tired of reading testimonials and reviews and want to see what the business can achieve for you, consider asking them to perform a task for your business. This lets you know what they are capable of and if their clients’ results are still good as they can suggest on their website.

Have them create a  digital PR campaign  or content marketing article for your business, and have them prepare ideas to present to you. The best idea will then be implemented by the digital marketing agency, and you wait for the results to kick in. This can take the form of media coverage (links) or high post rankings (although it takes longer).


If you’ve been happy with everyone so far, it’s time to have a meeting with the digital agency . It is a good way to  get to know the team  and an opportunity to sort out any issues with the team before signing a contract.

This is where personality conflicts become evident, which can hamper the success of your business. Some people call it “the beer test” and it’s often used as a recruiting method: would you invite them over for a beer at your local pub or run a mile in the other direction? The answer to that speaks volumes.


Digital agency vs creative agency: what are the main differences?

Creativity and design are always integrated with marketing solutions. Visuals, ads, and campaigns are becoming more and more important in bringing more people to websites or e-commerce platforms. There are many digital agencies out there that help any entrepreneur or company to promote their business with the right strategies to grow their customer base.

Every business involved in the world of e-commerce and B2B solutions must make a decision on whether to hire a digital agency or creative agency to increase their sales and revenues through marketing solutions.

A digital marketing campaign requires an attractive website and social media accounts, and businesses need to know the key differences between a creative agency and a digital agency in order to use them for their advertising needs.

There is a critical point in deciding whether they need to hire a creative agency to provide graphic design services for them, or a digital agency for search engine optimization and social dominance. Most people do not understand how they differ in terms of the services provided by each of them.

Here, we’re trying to end this confusion by explaining the main differences between digital agencies and creative agencies. This will help you decide what best suits your business development needs and expectations.

What is a digital agency?

A digital agency mainly offers digital marketing solutions to businesses, which mainly include website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, content creation, and pay-per-click advertising.

In the digital age, it is very important to rank higher in search results and expand your online presence. As such, digital agencies are critical to running all marketing campaigns to promote a business and increase your ROI. You can read a more detailed article on hiring a digital agency here.

What is a creative agency?

Simply put, a creative agency provides businesses with experts in visualization and artistic concept development. Hiring a creative agency opens up a creative perspective as its services include designing logos, banners, infographics, TV ads, and video filming.

If you want eye-catching designs, graphics, or logos to add value to your brand, hiring a creative agency is a great choice.

Differences between Digital Agency and Creative Agency

Digital Agency or Creative Agency: Which is Best for Your Marketing and Advertising Needs? Let’s take a look at the 3 main differences between the two to help you decide how to choose one.

Market research or user research

So, in order to decide which one to pursue, you need to do a lot of research and be clear about your expectations. If you know what you need, then you can decide that either creative agencies or digital agencies will offer the right services for you. If your brand needs market research, you need to consult with a digital agency, and in case you need to do user research, you better find a creative agency that can offer you user-centric solutions.

Branding and specific targeting

A creative agency will design and build your brand for the long term so that your brand or your company can develop over the years.

This transformation can happen after regular market research and customer expectations of your brand. Creative agencies establish your branding and design your business needs in line with the inevitable changes in the process.

On the other hand, a digital agency will mainly focus on your brand design, SEO and marketing materials, rather than keeping track of the latest changes or trends in the market. They will try to bring you their best designs, best content, and the best digital marketing solutions with the materials you provide them.

They will not conduct market research or surveys to see how your brand can adapt to market needs.

As their names suggest, a creative agency is looking for creative solutions, some areas that even you can’t think of as a founder or company owner, while a digital agency mainly focuses on what has been given to them.

The difference in their approach to working with your brand is one of the main differences between a digital agency and a creative agency.

Creative versus go-to-market strategy

Another important difference between a creative agency and a digital agency is the process of developing a go-to-market strategy and how they deal with a creative strategic management position.

Most digital agencies may not have the experienced designers needed to provide professional design for the go-to-market strategy process.

For example, a digital marketing agency might find solutions to increase traffic to your website, improve your social media channels with much more new contacts, and focus on driving more customers to your brand’s digital presence. On the other hand, a creative agency will provide creative and quality content for your website or social media accounts for digital agencies to promote.

It’s like a digital agency will need the creative and professional support of creative agencies, and one creative agency won’t be enough, so you’ll need marketing agency digital marketing strategies.


If you want to have a successful brand that attracts the right customers, you will reap great benefits from both digital agencies and creative agencies. It’s just very important to understand the difference between the two.

As we said above, comparing and understanding a digital agency and a creative agency will play a key role in growing your business and contributing to your brand’s reputation. Both digital agencies and creative agencies will have great resources and a lot to offer your brand.

How Can a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency Help Your Business?

An advertising agency, also known as a graphic agency or a design agency, is an organization dedicated to developing, strategizing, and managing marketing and sometimes even other kinds of marketing and promotional campaigns for the clients. Although most agencies work on a national level, some are based locally. For example, there are agencies that are based in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. These have their own specialties and areas of specialization. In general, they help the businesses that reach out to them and offer them services related to their field of expertise.

A digital marketing agency offers clients a wide variety of services. Depending on the kind of campaign that is being developed, a marketing agency can propose the best ways to market the product. This includes search engine optimization, paid media, social media, television commercials, video marketing, direct mail, websites, blogs, and any combination thereof. If you have decided to go with a digital marketing agency to develop your online marketing strategy, you can ask them about their options for your business. These agencies often have consultants available to help businesses with Internet marketing.

Developing an Internet marketing strategy is not something that you can do quickly and decide you’re done with it. It requires constant evaluation and monitoring of your company’s website so that your strategy is effective. A good digital agency will help you monitor your progress over time, so you can make changes where necessary. They will also help you obtain qualified leads that can turn into customers. In other words, they help you make the most of your advertising dollars by building long-term relationships that lead to sales.

In addition to developing an online advertising strategy, a digital agency can help your business with television advertising. Whether you want a 30-second commercial or a full-length feature film, a digital marketing firm can help you find the right partner for your advertising needs. They can help you distribute your media, such as television, radio, and/or the Internet, to viewers in the target demographic that you want to reach. In addition, a digital agency will handle the logistics of getting your message to potential customers, so you won’t have to worry about making sure anyone sees your commercial. They can also track the results of your advertising so that you can improve the effectiveness of your advertising.

A digital agency can also be helpful when it comes to developing marketing strategies. The marketing team of your agency can work with you to develop new products or innovative campaigns that will keep your business in the news or bring in new business. In addition, a digital agency can create print and/or video ads that will get your products in front of the right audience. Because agencies often work with clients from a variety of industries, their mix of digital marketing strategies should include a wide range of specialties and backgrounds, allowing you to reach a large variety of people with your marketing efforts.

If you’re looking for a full-service digital marketing agency, there are many options available to choose from. However, if you’re a small business, you probably don’t need to pay an agency to help you market your products and services. Instead, you should work on developing quality leads yourself. Developing qualified leads is more effective than paying a marketing agency because the leads you generate from your efforts will be targeted leads that are interested in what you have to offer.

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Why you need an independent website

Why have a website?

It is more than proven that having a website is an important part for every company, business, independent worker, etc. Whether you are a small company or a large company, or if your market is global or local: having a website will allow you to publicize your benefits in a massive and easier way. Here are a few reasons that show how important it is to have a website:

1. Visibility

  • The first reason is the visibility that the website brings to your business, it allows you to be available 24 hours a day in favor of your target.
  • When someone hears about a business, the first thing they do is look it up on the internet.
  • If you are not present on the internet, you will probably lose a potential client

2. Generates image and market breadth

  • Having a well-designed website with attractive images and content will generate a good image of your company.
  • It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small, if you have a good product and a good website, your product will be known even in the most remote places on the planet.

3. Increase sales and build customer loyalty

  • A web page increases the income of the company thanks to its great reach to the public, which will attract more interested customers.
  • Build loyalty with existing customers, being your company the first option for them.
  • You will be able to know what are the concerns, perceptions and expectations of the clients, in favor of the company.

Better knowledge of the impact of the message you convey about your company.

4. Competitive advantage

  • Having a good website increases your competitive advantage in relation to your competitors.

Your customers will be aware of your news, products, benefits, etc.

5. Easy to update

  • You can add content quickly, keeping your customers on the lookout.

You don’t need to be in front of a desk to update it. It is evident that the transit on the internet is an extremely useful means of making your brand or company known, and if it is handled professionally, the results are incredible. If you want to start creating your own website from scratch.