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Brand or keyword, How do I choose the name of my web domain?

How to choose the name of my web domain?

Thanks to our experience as an SEO agency , we know that the choice of the name of the web domain is one of the most complex issues that must be dealt with during the venture. Therefore, today we want to help you with this problem.

If you are debating between choosing a keyword or using your brand name, keep reading this note and find out what the pros and cons of each alternative are.

Brand dominance: what are its pros and cons?

A brand domain, also known as a branding domain, is one that is based on the unique concept of a business or on its own name. For example,


  • It is easier and more versatile to address broad semantic groups of keywords, than in the case of a keyword domain (For example, / SEO agency ).
  • This type of domain can rank the same as a keyword domain, as long as the keywords are used correctly in the contents of the site.
  • They are firmer and more authoritative projects in the long term for Google.
  • It’s easier to create a link building strategy.
  • It is possible to differentiate the brand from the competition.
  • Considering other niche markets is easier with this type of domain.


  • During the initial phase of the startup, it may take Google longer to understand the prominence of the web.
  • If the name is very complex, it will be very difficult to remember it and get an idea of what the economic activity of the business is.

Keyword Domain: What Are Its Pros and Cons?

This type of domain is also known as an SEO-Friendly domain, and refers to a main domain that contains the keyword that you want to position within it. So the name of the website becomes a keyword. For example,,, among other alternatives.

These SEO-Friendly domains are usually made up of keywords with great interest and a good level of searches.


  • It is much easier for users to remember keyword domains.
  • It is easier for bots to understand the economic activity of the web. So SEO positioning is much faster.
  • Users usually use a keyword to search for the products and / or services of their interest. And they rarely enter a brand domain.


  • A brand is not generated. Users do not remember the web for its brand elements, but only for what it sells.
  • It is much more complex to design link building strategies .
  • The traffic that is attracted is often unreliable.
  • You can fall into SEO cannibalization when trying to position the same keyword in the internal contents of the site.

As an SEO agency, we recommend that you analyze your business objectives very well before defining the web domain. For Google, the brand dominance is more stable in the long term. If you need help with this, call us at 86-755-29950363

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